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Courses Offered

Whether your goal is to fly for a major airline, a corporation, instruct or to simply enhance your flying skills, the flight school you attend will play a vital role in the reaching your aviation ambitions. As an FAA certified Part 141 school, Clearwater Aviation strives to provide the best instruction the industry has to offer while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and safety.


Consultation Request Professional Training Programs Our Fleet

  • Private Pilot
  • Instrument
  • Commercial
  • Multi-Engine Training
  • Discovery Flight

Private Pilot Part 141 Training Course


Once enrolled in our Part 141 Private Pilot Program, the Student will gain the experience through our Instructors that will enable the him/her to pilot the skies with ease and confidence. All of our instruction is one-on-one with the student, which allows the capability of professionalism and comfort to reach it's highest.

This course can be completed in as little as 2 months if the student is attending class a minimum of 4 days a week. For more information, please contact Travis Fox.

Fulfill your Dream's today of becoming a Pilot.

# Private Course (35 Hours Minimum to Graduate)
1 Dual Flight Inst. 28 Hours
2 Solo 7 Hours
3 Oral Prep 35 Hours
4 Ground School  
5 Written Exam  
6 Jepp Book Kit  
7 AC for Check ride 1.5 Hours
  Total Cost in a C-172 $8,925.00 (Minimum)
  SOCATA Aircraft $9,655.00 (Minimum)

Instrument Rating Part 141 Training Course


Now that you've become a Private Pilot, it is time to add to your skill and comfort level. The Instrument Rating allows you to understand and navigate through or around poor weather conditions. You will learn how to decipher weather reports & Forecast's, file flight plans and fly relying solely on your instruments.

Also, in this competitive job market, an Instrument Rating is a necessity!

# Instrument Course (35 Instrument Hours Minimum to Graduate)
1 Dual Flight Inst. 40 Hours
2   (35 Instrument hours)
3 Oral Prep 35 Hours
4 Ground School  
5 Written Exam  
6 Jepp Book Kit  
7 AC for Check ride 1.5 Hours
SOCATA Aircraft (TB20)
$14,367.50 (Minimum)

Commercial Rating Single Engine Part 141 Training Course


If you are seeking a Career in Aviation, or depending on flying to earn a living, a Commercial Rating is a must. During your Commercial Training, you will spend 65 hours of time building flying around some of the most beautiful area's Florida has to offer. You will also learn how to pilot a complex aircraft, which will highten your abilities as a pilot.

# Commercial Course (120 Hours Minimum to Graduate)
1 Dual 40 Hours
2 Dual Complex 15 Hours
3 Solo Flight 65 Hours
4 Oral Prep 35 Hours
5 Written Exam  
6 AC for Check ride 1.5 Hours
  Total Cost using a C172 for Solo $25,275.00 (Minimum)
SOCATA Aircraft
$27,405.00 (Minimum)

Multi Engine Add-on Part 141 Training Course

# Part 141 - Multi Engine Course (15 Hours Minimum to Graduate)
1 Dual 15 Hours
2 Oral Prep 15 Hours
3 Jepp Book Kit  
4 AC for Check ride 1.5 Hours

Multi Engine Add-on Part 61 Training Course

# Part 61 - Multi Engine Course (10 Hours)
1 Dual 8.5 Hours
2 AC for Check ride 1.5 Hours
3 Ground School 10 Hours
4 VFR/IFR Add-On  
5 Jeppesen Text Book, PTS & P.O.H.  
  *Checkride Fee Not Included in Training Cost *


Certified Flight Instructor Part 141 Training Courses


The Certified Flight Instructor Courses allow you to share your knowledge that you have learned up to this point, with students that are just beginning their dream of aviation. You will learn how to teach the fundementals of flight, weather, and aviation in general.

# Certified Flight Instructor Course (30 Hours Minimum to Graduate)
1 Dual 10 Hours
2 Dual Complex 20 Hours
3 Oral Prep 40 Hours
4 Written Exam x 3 FIA / FOI / AGI
5 Jepp Book Kit  
6 AC for Check ride 1.5 Hours
  Total Cost $11,700.00 (Minimum)

# Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument Course (20 Hours Minimum to Graduate) + Initial Instructor Rating
1 Dual Instruction 20 Hours
2 Oral Prep 15 Hours
3 Written Exam  
4 AC for Check ride 1.5 Hours
  Total Cost

$5,665.00 (Minimum)

# Multi Engine Instructor Course (30 Hours Minimum to Graduate)
1 Dual 30 Hours
2 Oral Prep 20 Hours
3 Jepp Book Kit  

Discovery Flights


Everyday of the week

Discover the Tampa Bay Beaches from 3,000 FEET

Discovery Flights

Experience views like you have never seen before. We offer one-hour tours in our Socata Aircraft of some of the most gorgeous beaches in the USA. If it’s a special night and you want to see a perfect Florida sunset, or deciding if you want to learn to fly, come and check-out Clearwater Aviation Today! 

Rental Rates

Fleet Hourly Rate 10 Hour Block 20 Hour Block
Cessna 172 $150.00 CALL CALL
TB-9 Tampico $170.00 CALL CALL
TB-10 Tobago $180.00 CALL CALL
TB-20 Trinidad $290.00 CALL CALL
  • All of the above rental rates are 'WET' Rates, unless otherwise noted.
  • All Renters are required to hold 'Renters Insurance'. This can be purchased at
  • All new customers are subject to a minimum one (1) Hour Checkout with one of our qualified instructors.

Time Building

The aviation industry is an extremely competitive market. Employers desire both experienced and well trained pilots to effectively and safely do their job. At Clearwater Aviation, we offer competitive time building rates in any of our aircraft in our fleet. From the turbine King Air 200 to the Cessna 310 or Piper Seminole, we want you to be the most experienced and safe pilot you can be. Let Clearwater Aviation assist you in your time building endeavors.
  • 25, 50, 75 and 100 Hour Blocks Available

College Credit

Students attending Clearwater Aviation can work toward an aviation degree.

Credit for flight training can be applied towards an Associate in Science and/or Bachelor Degree in many different degree fields. Degree programs are available online with the listed schools.

Discovery Flights

Experience the thrill of flying firsthand and explore the fundamentals of flight in our new Socata Aircraft while flying over the beaches of Tampa Bay. YOU will be at the controls. YOU will be flying the airplane. Call today to schedule your adventure. Gift Certificates are also available for a loved one's Birthday or that special occasion.
  • 1 Hour Adventure in the TB9- $170.00
  • 1 Hour Adventure in the TB10 - $180.00
  • 1 Hour Adventure in the TB20 - $290.00

We want to hear from you. Feel free to contact us using the informaton below.


Check out our aircraft fleet available for private charters


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